If you’re a writer in or around London, Canada, this is the place for you.

Read this page for a quick introduction to the society. For the latest news and commentary, read the blog. You can also connect via newsletter, Facebook,  and Twitter. Welcome!


The London Writers Society provides information, community and exposure for new and experienced writers, in and around London, Canada.

Monthly meetings

You’re welcome to come to our general monthly meetings, at the Landon Library in Wortley Village, the third Thursday of each month, except August. Free and open to the public, they’re a great place to meet other writers. We often have guest speakers, mini-workshops, writing exercises and open mic.

Critique groups

For many members, critique groups are the main reason for joining the society. They bring writers together for face-to-face comments and suggestions on their works in progress.


We produce a variety of events to inform, entertain and give writers a platform for their work. For example:

  • Produced FringeWords as part of the London Fringe Festival.
  • Offered mini-workshops on query writing, flash fiction, and other topics.
  • Organized research/field trips to police stations, horse farms and shooting ranges.
  • Hosted holiday parties and pub nights.


You do not have to be a member to come to a general meeting or critique group. In fact, we invite you to come to a meeting or two, or three, to get acquainted. If you like it and want to continue, then please spend $25 and become a member.